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f you are looking for GREAT Information Assurance (IA)/ Cyber Warfare Training, you have found the right site.

The most effective protection against cyber warfare attacks is securing information and networks. Our training is the first step in mitigating these threats!

IA2 is focused on providing DoD and Federal organizations the training needed to perform in the roles of ISSM (IAM), ISSO (IAO), System Administrator (SA) and Certifier (validator) agent. We base our efforts on satisfying PL 100-235, OMB-130, CNSS, NIST 800 series, and DoD the 8500 series which states that "IA awareness, training and education must be provided to all military and civilian personnel, including contractors, commensurate with their respective responsibilities for developing, using, operating, administering, maintaining and retiring Federal, DoD, and IC community information systems. We are one of the first training programs to include Risk Management Framework "RMF" in our course material.


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